cPanel - Overview

KU cPanel web hosting environment

The cPanel web hosting environment is where campus units are encouraged to develop customized web sites and applications that do not fit in the KU Content Management System (CMS). Request an cPanel account.

Using cPanel

When your account has been created, you will have immediate access to cPanel. Read the cPanel Documentation. To unit, app, blog, or cm login use your cPanel name and password.

Uploading your website

You can upload or download from your website using any application that supports secure FTP (SFTP). Connection Information is as follows:

Host: for for (for secure data) for for

Username: yourusername
Password: yourpassword

All of your publicly viewable web files should be stored in the "public_html" folder. Your homepage should typically be called "index.shtml" (though this is configurable). Read the Dreamweaver specfic instructions.

Using PHP and MySQL

Both PHP and MySQL are enabled by default for accounts in this environment. PHP files can be run in any location on your account. MySQL can be setup and configured through cPanel. See the "Scripting and Databases" section for information regarding Shibboleth.

Troubleshooting tips

Having a problem with a website?  Try these tips:

  1. Clear your web browser cache
  2. Restart your web browser
  3. Try a different browser (we recommend Firefox or Chrome)